London Fashion Week wants each new Mulberry replica handbags

London local time on September 18, British brand Mulberry 2017 Spring-Summer release. As more classic British old brand, Mulberry shows in London Fashion Week has always been a hot spot. This Mulberry show not only clothing, accessories bright spots, this season’s Mulberry replica handbags Hao promise not to see people opening the eyes, feeling each with a buy buy buy. I am sure you will love Mulberry 2017 spring and summer series. So, soon followed Tencent walked along Mulberry fashion show games look!

Mulberry replica from idyllic poetic Somerset County, and in the fashion metropolis of London full of modern life. Although separated from each other, but all of England. However work this season, Johnny Coca creative director of the historical tradition and committed to innovation blend, the collision of a new England.

Season series designed to British uniforms as a source of inspiration, learn from college and the army, and the outskirts of the city, ladies and gentlemen, the traditional elements of various cross-collision melted, to create a refreshing art style.

Utility functionalism

Practical functionalism is also the core of the season, emphasizing the coexistence of functionality and aesthetics. World War II farm workers Costumes oak color and khaki tooling, as well as maid pleated aprons element Jie reflected.

Oxford and Cambridge robe classic striped pattern, with vertical Yi silk twill and fine knitted fabrics, presents a perfect British style.

College scarves and classic traditional hue: British red, navy blue, racing green and yellow beak.

Luxurious fabrics

Ladies and gentlemen dress theme performance luxury fabrics, patterns and richly decorated exquisite inlay.

Minimalist contours of glossy patent leather raincoat, contrast visual effects.

Noble and dignified velvet fabrics, surprise showing water Ze texture, like a summer storm aristocratic girls were kissed wet clothes.

Mulberry replica handbags without opening the eyes move

Bag messenger bag has to teachers and schoolchildren lunchbox inspired Cherwell handbag. Johnny Coca introduced a new version of Bayswater Piccadilly oversized handbag embedded College scarf shape colored leather, re-interpretation of the classic brand handbags series.

This UK replica handbags brand since the introduction of Johnny Coca creative director, design better and better. Spaniards French luxury brand Céline was in charge of accessories designed this actually study from the British uniforms. Here, from the public schools, the armed forces, to the gentleman, Baroness has its own identity and fixed apparel occasions.

Mulberry spring and summer series in 2017 playing the deformation and mashup, such as kilts into silk skirt elegant sense; crystal ornaments Paisley vortex pattern covered dresses; striped uniforms version was completely broken, to modern sense approach. Appeared in our skirt with lace at the shoulders is to subvert the “uniform” of the original rigid atmosphere.

Mulberry in revenue main products, namely replica handbags on resource allocation has always been generous. In June this year the company came first positive news in recent years – sales rose 5% after, Johnny Coca apparently been given more freedom and trust. The design team for a large version of Bayswater, that is, ten years before the launch of Piccadilly rescaled and use of color, of course, ultimately, the top blue red white stripe interval, it was even three-color woven bag strap. Mini Mulberry replica handbags, lunch bags, medium bucket bag … .. in short, your buying range is growing.

The design team did not give up the use of color in autumn and winter main colors: navy blue and burgundy red, exactly constitutes the British Institute of striped tie is the most two colors. “They look very fine and noble.” Johnny Coca explained, “In fact, some of the products will be added to next year in February.” London will remain at temperatures around 5 degrees.

Attention to the replica shoes, Johnny Coca products designed blend of style and femininity gentleman, such as slippers, coupled with lace square head, as well as 18th-century pop up Pompadour heels, this is accompanied by Paisley vortex pattern shoes surface.

Johnny Coca spirit when defining the season series says: “classic, traditional and innovative Homage to England, but to highlight the modern style break-set, get rid of.”

Mulberry 2016 Winter Ad Campaign

Mulberry New Ad Campaign shot by the Coco Capitan, will Odette and Lia Pavlova two twins supermodel similarities and distinct differences in performance thoroughly. Plus twins conceived image, perfect interpretation of the Mulberry women’s dual personality – strong, superior and both feminine and gentle character.

You see a girl, or two? In your world, what is truth, what is the map?

Mulberry 2016 winter advertising themes to explore fashion, women and life in the dual world.

Johnny Coca Mulberry creative director, said: “Lia and Odette although there are distinctive appearance, but we think they’re twins through mapping out ideas” – as sometimes you see a girl in the mirror, but sometimes you can see the two girls, which reflects their position substitutes for each other, this is very interesting and fun.

Also announced is the ad video, video of the second chapter will be released in September, the second chapter is about the twins contrast each other and complementary to the story, on the other side through visually attractive appearance adds some Art, as well as establish links emotional story, this is a warm, poetic, like a painting exhibit Mulberry 2016 winter collection. This season focuses on duality, light shirt match military metal stud wool cloak, and rose print and stylish buskin for comparison.

Lia and Odette itself is part of the series Mulberry 2016 winter, two in London Fashion Week catwalk as Mulberry, Mulberry and Odette is opening model.

New Mulberry clothes and handbags Chester ads show on the map are Mulberry outlet paragraph.

Mulberry replica handbags greater profits after down price

Luxury replica handbags company believes sales rose 8% to win back customers after the UK and plans to open more factories.

After the British handbag maker Mulberry profit recovery, its price range and look to win back customers.

Mulberry replica has become a more affordable luxury brand’s efforts appear to have paid off in recent years after a disastrous move upmarket. It now plans to open more factories in the UK as income rises.

Pretax profit this year to rise to 6.2 m £ March 31, compared with last year 1.9 m £. Retail sales climbed 8% to £ 118.7 m while wholesale revenue fell from £ 38.8 Mi slightly to 37.2 m £.

Like for like sales grew 8% last year, but growth has slowed 11 weeks to June 11 to 4%. Many luxury retailers are struggling, such as Burberry, Armani and Hugo Boss, it suffered as a result of demand in China’s economic growth slowdown.

Sang said that from its new creative director Johnny Coca-Cola, who was recruited by the first series of Celine, at London Fashion Week in February, has been praised by the media and the company’s partners. It will begin arriving in stores in April and August the entire collection shop.

Headquartered in Somerset, he said, among which 70% of the price of handbags £ 500 and £ 995, less than half in 2014, including the best-selling Bayswater and Lily, Lily Cole model. Compared named Mulberry replica handbags style and priced shoes and clothing collections and brings line.

The company has been through in its push to increase productivity in Chilcompton and Bridgewater factory, which produces half of the handbag. Since they are close to the peak, there are plans in the United Kingdom opened a third plant. “The brand’s DNA is emphasized as a British point of distinction,” Sang said.

Last year the company opened in Paris a new flagship store to replace a smaller one, and closed three stores in the United States. The company plans in the next few years to focus on improving the company’s digital business shops and opening fewer stores.

Digital sales rose 19% to £ 21.4 m last year by upgrading a website to promote and improve delivery. They now account for 14% of group sales, and 12% in 2015 and 10% in 2014, about half of which comes from mobile phones and tablets compared.

In the retail consulting firm judgment Nivindya Sharma, senior analyst, he said: “There is a growing, especially in Mulberry plans in the next few years, local language sites and local fulfill its digital offer extends to major international markets more potential.”

Her efforts to Coca-Cola, while respecting its heritage brands, said modernization is to regain its trademark “classic but cool” credentials on Mulberry replica handbags.

“Sang has been in the past fiscal year revenue and profit realized solid growth has made significant progress,” Thierry Andretta, the Chief Executive said.

“Our production base in the United Kingdom remains a core strength and differentiator. We have established the results for the future development of investment in product design and development, and infrastructure of our full range channels of a solid foundation.”

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